Saturday, 10 March 2012

Goddesses, Gemstones, and Going for it.

It has been a big couple of weeks for me, I have been slowly settling back into my creative and spiritual side.  Funny how some things fall off the spectrum when you are stressed. 

Since listening to my gut instinct about asking the lovely Danielle about her stocking my creations in her shop L'abundance, a lot of things have taken a turn for the better.  Attitude, courage and determination have a lot to do with gathering the abundance that you seek in your life, and over the last couple of weeks I have been graced with abundance in a lot of different areas.

I have let some of my sculptural skills emerge over the last couple of weeks - producing some amazing goddess beads with some wonderful TAG glass.  These have been a pleasure to make and the ones left are gracing the shelves of L'abundance.  I will be making some more for sale on my etsy, and facebook stores very soon, and there will be a goddess give-away happening very soon as well.

So time for some photos.



Now the part about going for it was the scariest part,  for some time now I have been reading Oracle cards and doing readings for friends.  For the past 6 months I have been wanting to start a facebook page offering my card reading services as well as giving a free daily card reading on the page for everyone to benefit from.  I was worried about what some of my friends and colleagues would say as I don't really talk about doing it much in general conversation.  I have had constant validation from different sources that this was a venture that I should be taking, it just took courage for me to finally do it, and stay true to myself.  

So if you are interested pop over to Oracle Card Readings.  This avenue also helps me promote my Healing Heart Jewellery range where I create gemstone jewellery that possess healing energy for the wearer.  Here is one of the creations that I made this week.

Fluorite Gemstone Charm Bracelet

Fluorite aids in concentration and intuition, it increases positive energy and helps to capture negative energy. If you’re seeking overall physical and emotional balance, the fluorite gemstone is the one for you.

Cheers Tania!

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