Monday, 20 August 2012

Earrings, Goddesses & Fire Lotus

I had a bit of a play with TAG Fire Lotus yesterday.  I love the earthy feel it gives especially when overlaid onto a sage base. - All these beads have fire lotus as an accent.  It gives a wonderful array of colours depending on what you do with it in the flame - these where all used in a neutral flame, cooled and then slowly struck.

My Mum & Dad are going on a cruise in September and Mum asked if I could make her some interchangeable earrings for some gold sleepers that she has, these are to match some outfits that she is taking with her.

And this last pair are going to be listed on Etsy when I take a couple more pictures.

Cheers Tania

Monday, 13 August 2012

Glass Bead Makers Challenge & Students

Over the last couple of months I have opened my world to teaching basic lampwork bead making classes.  I am loving it!!! - I have great students and some of them are picking it up really fast.  Soon enough they will be addicted too.

Here are some beads that a student made in her second class - I am really impressed with the shape and holes that she is forming after a two hour first lesson.

I am also organising the challenges on the Glass Bead Makers Forum - the July/August Challenge  which finishes at the end of August and I made a bead for it over the weekend.

Here is the inspiration

Here is the bead.

I still love my Moroccan Lamp Style beads - so why not make a few more!!

Cheers Tania

Friday, 3 August 2012

Dreaming of Ceramics

I scored big time last week - a friend on mine (friend since grade one) sold me a pottery kiln and wheel for an amazing price - I have yet to pick it up but very excited - so apart from everything else I am supposed to be doing, I am now trolling the internet for ceramic inspiration, tutorials and insight.

So if you know any amazing websites for me to visit leave a comment and let me know please!

Finished off a few more pendants that I have listed on Etsy as well this week.

Cheers Tania