Monday, 20 August 2012

Earrings, Goddesses & Fire Lotus

I had a bit of a play with TAG Fire Lotus yesterday.  I love the earthy feel it gives especially when overlaid onto a sage base. - All these beads have fire lotus as an accent.  It gives a wonderful array of colours depending on what you do with it in the flame - these where all used in a neutral flame, cooled and then slowly struck.

My Mum & Dad are going on a cruise in September and Mum asked if I could make her some interchangeable earrings for some gold sleepers that she has, these are to match some outfits that she is taking with her.

And this last pair are going to be listed on Etsy when I take a couple more pictures.

Cheers Tania

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  1. These are so nice I especially love the black, red and white beads, oh and the goddesses.