Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Bead Soup Ingredients on their way to Canada

Well the bead soup has left the building, out of my little home town of Fernvale, Qld Australia off to Burlington, ON Canada.  Off on a little trip to Alicia - All the Pretty Things.

I visited Canada back in 1989 when I was still a university student.  I meet a young boy here in Australia "Kurt" who used to live in Canada and we went for a months holiday to go back and visit some of his old school friends.  It was my first time travelling overseas and it was wonderful,  We mainly hung out in Vancouver and Victoria Island, and I was always commenting on how the people there were very similar to people in Brisbane, happy, easy going folks.

Anyway back to BEAD SOUP - I had a hard decision on what to send Alicia as I have been making quite a few different beads lately,  I have got my mojo back at last!!!!

Now that the package has gone, I have a few things to get up to speed with,  I have to check out my Zentangle challenge for this week as I missed last weeks due to my little holiday with Ella.

I have to put together an outline for my one-on-one classes "Lampwork Bead Making Basics" that I am going to start offering very soon

I have to get some finished items down to L'abundance before they completely run out.

I need to also concentrate on those UFO's that I mentioned a couple of posts ago

And lastly (I am sure I will find something else LOL)  I need to keep working on the new blog for Australia Artisan Beaders.

I think that is enough to worry about this week - Phew! - that is alot!

Cheers Tania

PS - ok in the time is has taken me to rough draft this post - I have just joined another challenge - on the Lampwork Etc Forum.  Yes another one.  Anyway this one is not due to ship out until the 1 Oct - so I will tell you a little more about it later.

PPS - joined another challenge on the Lampwork Forum this morning - Reactive Twisties and also think I signed myself up to look after the challenges on an Australia Forum - haven't announced that yet.



  1. Sooo looking forward to receiving my soup! Please check my blog - there is a surprise for you :)

  2. What gorgeous work! Love the lampworks