Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Silver Murrini - I am challenged!

Ok - so I am leaving a certain exchange that I am doing on the Lampwork Etc Forum right until the last moment.  My beads need to be sent and postmarked by the 17 September to be sent to California USA.  So I only have a couple more days left to make some successful silver reactive murrini recipes.  

Here are a few beads that I did Monday night a couple might just scrape through as good enough to send.

Also this week the Artisan Beaders of Australia Blog went live - I have been working on the concept for a while now.  Would love you all to visit and follow along.


  1. You are getting some nice aqua - blues there, Tania... murrini making is a challenge... I wouldn't know how to begin to make a 'silver' glass murrini and keep it the way it is meant to be.... maybe only reduce at the very end when you are pulling out... I haven't got a clue really!! It looks like you are well on your way to the technique though.

  2. I have noidea how these are done Tania but the beads are gorgeous