Tuesday, 25 September 2012

What is in a name? - tanglebeads

It is time for the change.  It has been well over two years since I closed my retail bead and craft store.  It has been over a year since I have moved house and locality.  Now, it is time to bring my branding skills back into my business and give it a bit of a makeover.  Choosing a name I thought was going to be hard.  My old name wasn't sitting with my style or personality anymore.  Time to think of something new.

I have a love for tangling (doodling, zentangle) and of course my bead making - so how could I incorporate the two, - I came up with Tanglebeads - ok it has both things in it.  Easy to say, conveys the product.  I liked it.  Also checked that I could register it and it was all good.  Hooray.

But now the story gets better - while I was looking for a cool font to use and saw that name about 100 times in 100 different fonts, it dawned on me that Tangle incorporated both my name and my partners name.  Tan - for Tania and Gle for Glen - and while I was looking at the font I liked, I put the E backwards.  When I showed Glen last night I told him that that was because he is not the type of person to run with the sheep he always does things his own way.  

I am so happy with the name and style I hope you like it as well.  It is more me, and I am really looking forward to the tangle part of the name and what will come out of that.

Today I will be tagging my exchange beads for the "You Pick 9" - Lampwork Etc exchange - here are a few of the ones that I am sending off.  Not the best picture but I took it at work (shhhhh....)  I attempted a Jellyfish bead and a tree decoration, neither of which I had done before, so in my eyes exchanges are a great way to expand your skills and also your colour pallet as I never use orange but heaps of the inspiration pictures had orange in them.


  1. I love your new business name it really covers what you now do, love the funky new beads very colourful

  2. Great collection of glass craft projects. We could showcase your work on our Bottle-Lamp website. Let us know if you are interested.