Saturday, 28 January 2012

If I only had a dollar for every Youtube Hit

Some time ago when I was contributing projects to Australian Beading Magazine, I decided to make a little video tutorial on a wire wrapped ring.  I made it in three parts as I wanted to show everything and not leave beginners wondering how things were done.  The third part was the most informative with the decorating of the ring.  Little did I know that over 175,000 people have watched part three - so not sure when my big break is coming but wouldn't it be nice to get just a few cents per view.  I have not viewed these tutorials for sometime, just listening to my own voice makes me shudder... and I think a few of the viewers had some not so nice comments about my Australian accent, but I got over that.  I still had my old website address on the videos and decided today to fix that.  So here are the new uploads - enjoy....please don't comment on the voice LOL!

PS. It took me longer than I thought to upload the new versions so here is Part One and I will get Part Two and Three upload in the next couple of days.

1 comment:

  1. Awe...but I think you have a lovely accent! I just love foreign accents...Where could I go to purchase the products for the Rosette bracelet?